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Former WSU football player not guilty of assault

WHITMAN COUNTY, Wash. - A former Washington State University football player charged with assault at an off-campus party last summer has been found not guilty.

The incident happened at a house party in July. Barber was arrested, but not immediately charged. Despite not being charged, Barber was expelled by the WSU Student Conduct Board. The expulsion was reduced to a suspension; Barber was still not allowed to play football or return to class.

His case brought attention to what some on campus called the unfair practices of WSU's Student Conduct Board. Barber appealed his suspension to a Whitman County Judge, who lifted the suspension and allowed Barber to return to football and classes.

Barber graduated from WSU in December.

While awaiting trial this month, Barber's criminal case has followed him. Last month, he signed a free agent contract with the Carolina Panthers. The Panthers rescinded the offer after learning of the criminal case.

The Seattle Times reported the Panthers wanted to wait until the legal case was over.

Barber's trial started Monday in Whitman County Superior Court. Tuesday, the jury returned a verdict of not guilty for second degree assault.

The jurors also had the option of convicting on the lesser charge of fourth degree assault and unanimously rejected it.