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Former police sergeant found guilty of second degree rape

SPOKANE, Wash. - UPDATE: Gordon Ennis has been found guilty of second degree rape. 

ORIGINAL STORY: Jury deliberations have begun in the rape case of a former Spokane police sergeant.

That jury will now decide if Gordon Ennis is guilty of second degree rape. Ennis is accused of sexually assaulting a coworker at another officer's house in October 2015. She testified that she woke up in the middle of the night to Ennis assaulting her, at which point he immediately left the room.

The woman says she had too many drinks that evening and doesn't remember much of the night. Witnesses said at various times she was throwing up, couldn't dress herself and needed help getting to bed. 

Ennis' defense claims that the assault happened about two hours after she needed assistance, giving her enough time to become more sober and able to consent. Ennis claims that she was the one who came on to him, and he left in the middle of the sexual act because he realized the implications it would have on his personal life. The defense believes this made the alleged victim mad, so she made a rape claim against Ennis. 

The trial lasted more than a week. Multiple witnesses at the party testified in the case, along with nurses who saw that woman the next morning, and detectives who collected evidence in the case.