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Floodwaters continue to rise

Floodwaters continue to rise around the area. The ground is so saturated in some neighborhoods that there isn’t anywhere for the water to go.

It seems the best way to get around lately might just be by boat, especially when your yard is covered in more than three feet of water.

“This is pretty sandy soil. It takes water like crazy, but this year there’s just too much of it,” homeowner Jim Gillingham said.

Gillingham’s home on South Grove Road is now an island surrounded by floodwater.

“That shut down my furnace ducts, filled them up with water, so it shut off my heat of course,” he said.

He’s lived in this home for nearly ten years and hasn’t seen it flood like this before. Gillingham borrowed a pump to keep the water out of his home. He’s managed to keep it away from his garage, but water seeped into his crawlspace.

“That’s an awful lot of water to get rid of,” he said.

Just up the road, David Jacobs is helping his friend drain his yard and basement.

“We’re pumping 1,600 gallons an hour and that’s about all we’re doing is maintaining,” Jacobs said.

The homeowner didn’t want to talk on camera, but Jacobs says this was his friend’s dream home. And right now, his dream basement is more like a nightmare.

“He’s very heart sunk,” Jacobs said.

The flooding in the front yard is more than three feet deep. They’re hoping a break in the rain will help.

“We’re stuck here. If you don’t have a tow truck, you ain’t getting in. It’s great security, nice moat system,” Jacobs said. “If you want to go fishing, come on down. You want to go swimming, come on down. Take five gallons when you leave.”

Spokane County officials say if the flooding is on private property, there’s really not much they can do to help. But keep in mind, if you divert the water from your property and it damages someone else’s, you can be held liable.