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Flooding in Rimrock area catching homeowners off guard

Flooding in Rimrock area catching...

SPOKANE, Wash. - The heavy snow of our winter might be over, but it's still causing problems.

“It's not your typical year, where we're seeing a lot of big waters. We're seeing very isolated spots,” said Fire District 10 Deputy Chief Orlando Sandoval.

Flooding in the Rimrock area, near Greenwood Road has taken over some streets, and the spring thaw is only getting started.

“We're thinking that there's still probably some frost in the ground that's holding the water up and not allowing that water to penetrate through the ground and decrease some of that flooding,” Sandoval said.

On both back road gravel and major paved roads standing water is threatening drivers. Now, it's creeping into basements and outbuildings..

“If they've had typical flooding in the past, pay attention to where it flooded in the past and see where it's at today,” Sandoval said.

Many homeowners in this area are used to flooding, so they're prepared when spring rolls around.

But this year, the water is reaching  farther and deeper than it has before.

“A few of the houses we've visited in the last couple days, have said 'I’ve never had flooding here, why is it flooding now? My basement's flooded, it's never flooded before,” Sandoval said.

Once the flooding starts, there's not much that can be done.

“We went out there to assist the homeowners and to evaluate what we could do or not do. We actually didn't do anything, per se, to help them. We did assist the homeowners in setting up their pumps, to pump the water away from their house and their area there,” Sandoval said.

Sunshine could help, but also hurt.

“The sun's coming out now, and that's a really good thing, but on the reverse of that if the sun does come out and start warming up, all those north slopes and those other areas that still have snow on them are going to start melting as well,” Sandoval said.

The fire department., like these homeowners, hoping things get better quickly.

“My heart sinks for them. It's everything they have-- it's their home, it's their residence, It's their livelihood being destroyed,” Sandoval said.