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Fix-It-Fest underway to repair winter-damaged roads

Fix-It-Fest underway to repair...

SPOKANE, Wash. - For about six months, unusually wet weather was relentless on Spokane's roadways. Potholes popped up everywhere. Now work is underway to fix the problem.

The City of Spokane is three weeks into what it is calling "Fix-it-Fest", with multiple of those big problem spots have received some much-needed attention.

The City of Spokane is putting one million dollars toward street repair work to address the arterials that were damaged by the extreme wet winter weather.

"I'm loving it. They're much better. The roads are way smoother. Its more easier to drive," said Spokane resident Vikki Shineflew.

The City says Fix-it-Fest includes 8.82 miles of new projects, 5.2 miles of planned grind and overlay projects on arterials, and scheduled crack and seal work and any needed pothole repair.

And drivers on Friday said the repairs were much needed.

"I went through about four flat tires from all from the potholes, so we weren't able to go down to St. Patty's Day parade because of it, pretty much had to avoid going on certain roads depending on where we were going," said Coner Deford, a Spokane driver.

"I got a few flat tires due to some of them," said Shineflew. "It was horrible."

And those flat tires were costly to repair.

"Probably about 500, 600 dollars at least," he said.

In the past three weeks, the City has made headway on some of the worst problem areas, including in the Thor/Freya area of east Spokane, and in North Spokane on this stretch of Freya near Frederick.

And some Spokane drivers are noticing and welcoming the new and improved roads.

"You're not too worried about which roads to go on," Deford said. "Pretty much all of them are getting taken care of, for me anyway, for my commute."

The City says another $3 million in crack seal, chip seal, and grind and overlay work is also planned in the residential streets. Street crews have filled nearly 3,500 potholes since January 1.

For more information about the specific projects, go to Fix it Fest 2017.