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Fire pit destroys Post Falls home

POST FALLS, Idaho - What started as a recreational summer evening fire Monday night, turned into a devastating house fire Tuesday morning in Post Falls.

"They had an outside fire last night, and evidently a spark got onto a futon," explained Kootenai County Fire Chief Warren Merritt. "That upholstery tends to retain heat. They thought they got it out, then they leaned it against the house and that's where the point of origin was."

Fortunately, the two people and pets who call that house a home were able to get out unharmed.

In the aftermath, firefighters all over the northwest used to unfortunate incident as a teaching tool to the public. The Spokane Valley Fire Department reached out and supplied KXLY with the following "Do's and Don'ts" list concerning domestic fires: spokanevalleyfire.com/fire-life-safety/burning-dos-and-donts.