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Fire Department cautions to leave fireworks to professionals

SPOKANE, Wash. - Using your own fireworks is illegal in nearly all of Spokane County. And the Spokane Fire Department is urging you not to take part in setting those fireworks off.

They say it's a task better left to the professionals.

Most can agree that without fireworks, it's not quite a 4th of July celebration. But celebrating responsibly couldn't be more important.

“Right now, things are lining up for a potentially devastating and rapidly developing fire,” said Fire Chief Brian Schaeffer.

Fireworks were the cause of 240 fires in Washington state last year. And it may seem like simple fireworks that your children love couldn't cause much damage, but this isn't the case.

At the Spokane Fire Training Center, fire officials used a sparkler to light a small brush fire. In seconds, the fire was spreading, fueled by our breezy conditions.

“We have moderate, sustained winds, 10 to 25 miles per hour over the next couple of days. Our fuel is very dry, and the relative humidity is extremely low,” said Schaeffer.

And Fire Chief Brian Schaeffer said this is a scenario that could happen to anyone. Fireworks are allowed in three Spokane municipalities: Airway Heights, Medical Lake, and Deer Park.

“Come out to Spokane, other areas in the community where the public displays are licensed, they have preventative measures in place and enjoy it,” Schaeffer said.

And the fire department said it isn't just brush fires that you need to worry about.

In Spokane we've seen apartments and homes catch on fire from fireworks, leaving damage that some people may never recover from.