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Fire crews try to save Tormino's Sash and Glass

SPOKANE, Wash. - It took hours for fire crews to knock down flames at Tormino's Sash and Glass Wednesday afternoon. Tormino's has sold doors and windows in its location on Helena for decades.

Most of the building is now rubble, because fire crews had to clear away walls to get to the heart of the fire. 



The business did not have fire sprinklers or a fire alarm system, and there wasn't much crews could do it save it.

The owner, who was inside the building when it started, said he heard a large explosion before seeing smoke. He was able to make it out okay.

Crews had some concern about hazardous chemicals in the building, but Chief Schaeffer told Kxly that was no longer a concern after further investigation.

Crews are expected to remain at the location throughout Wednesday night to put water on hotspots.

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