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Final Four Shirts Fly Off Shelves

Final Four Shirts Fly Off Shelves

SPOKANE, Wash. - The Zag Shop on campus can't seem to hold onto Final Four shirts very long. 

The first shipment came in Sunday, just hours after the Elite 8 win and it wasn't long before the bookstore was sold out.  Two days and several shipments later, employees have started putting out the shipping boxes the t-shirts arrived in and allowing customers to browse sizes themselves. 

Due to NCAA licensing rules, only the participating schools can sell tournament merchandise.  While there's certainly been a lot of interest this week, the store never seems to have a down season.

"Zag fans are zag fans 365 days a year," explained manager Ken Roughton.  "They're with us and with the team all year long."

To order your Final Four gear, visit http://shop.gozags.com/