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Fellow students describe Freeman High School shooter

ROCKFORD, Wash. - Police have not identified the teen suspect in Wednesday's shooting at Freeman High School, but we are learning more about him from the students.

Some say there were warning signs leading up to Wednesday's shooting. Some described the shooter as a bit of an outsider.

The shooter was a 15 or 16 year old male who played on the school golf team last year. All of the students we spoke to were shocked that something like this could happen at their school. But some were not surprised.

One student told kxly4 the shooter passed out an alarming note to several of his friends.

“He was handing out notes to his friends and it said that he was going to do something stupid that might either get him killed or in jail,” said student Michael Harper. “And when I talked to him about it, he said it was just in case something stupid happened, and then that was a couple weeks ago when school started.”

Harper said that two of his friends told the counselor. One of his friends gave the note to her.
We haven't been able to confirm with the school whether or not they were aware of these notes.

That same student told us the shooter was also obsessed with school shootings and documentaries about them.

“He did watch a lot of school shooting documentaries, he would send them to me over Snapchat because we'd be talking and he would just take a random picture of it and send it to me, which got me a little concerned but I didn't want to ask," said Harper.

One student said the shooter walked into school with a black duffel bag. Apparently some students were joking about a gun being inside, only to later realize it was true.