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Family of paralyzed father to receive house ramp thanks to Extreme Team

SPOKANE, Wash. - While most people are able to enjoy the joy of Christmas, some families are struggling through the holidays. But, Dave, Ken & Molly with 92.9 ZZU and the KXLY4 News Extreme Team are helping one family get a little relief.

Just months ago, the father of a Mead family, Joe Harding, was injured in a dirt biking accident that left him a quadriplegic. He will eventually have to come back home to a home that can not accommodate him. That's where 92.9 ZZU and the KXLY 4 Extreme Team come in. 

When Harding's partner, Theresa Simmons woke up Tuesday morning, she had no idea her home would be invaded by Christmas elves. Those Elves were sent as part of Dave, Ken & Molly's 92.9 ZZU Christmas Wish. 

"I had no idea what was happening. I didn't know why people were here," Simmons said. 

Those elves were delivering gifts to a family in need. Simmons and Harding have three daughters, who will receive those presents.

"She doesn't have time to even think about Christmas, let alone the expenses of Christmas," said Barb Schwalbe. Schwalbe is the one who nominated Theresa's family for Christmas Wish. Schwalbe used to live in the family's house, and is now their landlord.

Harding has been at St. Luke's hospital and will still need several surgeries before he can come home. And even when he does, he currently has no way to get into the house. So along with a slew of Christmas presents, Dave, Ken & Molly had another surprise. 

"There's also another very special thing that's going to happen for you and your family, Theresa," Dave Sposito said on the group's radio show. "Our Extreme Team, housed in our building, they're going to set up a ramp for Joe and they're going to take care of that."

It won't take long either. KXLY4's Mark Peterson and the Extreme Team will begin work on the ramp next week. 

"It'll mean he can actually come home. That we can actually get him into our house and have him here with us. Without it he can't come in here," Simmons said. 

Simmons added she is shocked by this generosity and it's something she'll never forget. 

"We're going to always remember the people that don't have as much as us at this time of year, because other people did that for us. And it means a lot. I'm very thankful. And I feel like our family's still very blessed," she said. 

The family was hopeful that Harding would be able to make it back home by Christmas, but doctors believe it will more likely be early January.