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Fall Festival celebrates 30th year

COLBERT, Wash. - The Fall Festival at Beck's Harvest House at Greenbluff begins this weekend.

“We are so excited to start our 30th fall festival this year starting tomorrow,” said Todd Beck.

The Beck family farm has been handed down over the years, and is now in the hands of Todd and his wife Kim.

A lot has changed over those three decades, but there's one thing that hasn't: the recipe for their world famous pumpkin donuts.

“Our own original pumpkin donuts only available here at the Harvest House,” said Beck. “Nowhere else despite what you might see.”

The quality of the donuts and the produce are a good sign the family farm will be around for many generations to come.

“Mom and dad started in 1987 here with a vision of what the Harvest House could possibly be and through the years and all the support from Spokane and our great customers, we're still here thirty years later,” said Beck.

Check out the fall festival now through the end of the season. The giant corn maze, and most of the big attractions are usually available on the weekends. But there's always stuff to see and do all week long at the Harvest House.