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EXCLUSIVE: Family of Moses Lake shooting victim reacts to resentencing

MOSES LAKE, Wash. - On Wednesday Moses Lake school shooter, Barry Loukaitis, is set to be resentenced in Grant County Superior Court. 

The state is recommending a sentence of 189 years in prison. 

In a letter written last week, Loukaitis said he would not fight whatever sentence the victims' families find appropriate. 

The family of Arnie Fritz told KXLY the letter was more powerful than they could have imagined. 

Fritz was one of three people killed at Frontier Junior high in 1996 when Loukaitis, who is now 36-years-old, opened fire. He killed fellow students Fritz, Manuel Vela and teacher Leona Caires. 

In his two page letter was the first time Loukaitis had publicly apologized for the shooting 21 years ago. He wrote that he betrayed the values of life and reason and that he's sorry for the pain and outrage he's caused everyone in the Moses Lake community. 

Loukaitis also dispelled rumors that Vela had physically bullied and threatened him. 

In an exclusive interview, Fritz's sisters told KXLY the letter brought back a lot of emotions for them and while it was heartbreaking, it was also exactly what they needed to hear. 

"Having him acknowledge what he did and how he's processed that and how he has come to terms with what he did to, I think, the best he can, it brought a lot of closure for me," said Lene Fritz, the sister of Arnie Fritz. 

"He was so detailed in every single person that he impacted and the community that he impacted," said Renee Hopkins, another sister of Arnie Fritz. "And to hear him own that, I think it's really important for the community to heal, it's really important for the individuals to heal, and ultimately it's important for him to heal as well." 

Fritz's sisters will be a few of the 15 people expected to speak on behalf of the victims in court Wednesday. his sisters are hoping this will be the final hearing ever in this case.