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Excelsior to offer socialization opportunities for seniors

Excelsior to offer socialization...

SPOKANE, Wash. - Excelsior Youth Center, a health care facility that focuses on behavioral health education and whole person wellness, will now open its doors to seniors in the Spokane community.

Staff say there is no senior center or community center in that area of Northwest Spokane, so to address some of those needs, they will now have a senior morning gathering every Tuesday, where people can socialize and have snacks.

Excelsior's clients are also available to rake leaves, shovel snow, and chop firewood for seniors who have physical limitations.

“We recognize the need to serve senior and we want to provide a place where they can go and experience community and promote their sense of wellness here,” said Ryan Kiely, Chief Program Officer. “It's also going to be an opportunity for kids to connect with seniors down the road in a meaningful way.”

Excelsior says it will be a safe place for seniors to gather and socialize.