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EPA approves state's plan to manage air pollutants

OLYMPIA, Wash. - The Environmental Protection Agency approved Washington's plan that sets standards to manage potential air pollutants from regulated facilities.

Last week, the Washington Energy Facility Site Evaluation Council released the State Implementation Plan.

The plan consists of a narrative, rules, technical documentation, and agreements that contain the control measures and strategies to attain and maintain the national ambient air quality standards.

The plan is a requirement of the Clean Air Act.

The EPA approved the plan on May 30, and the plan goes into effect on June 29.

“The approval of this plan is a win-win for both regulated facilities and the people of Washington,” said Bill Lynch, EFSEC Chairman. “This effort was initiated by EFSEC staff and was finalized through inter-agency collaboration, in line with Gov. Inslee's Results Washington Initiative.”

The approval will allow the EFSEC to expedite its permitting process, operate more cost effectively, and provide regulatory certainty.

The EFSEC will begin as early as this summer to streamline the approval process for a facility’s proposed air permit.