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End is in sight for Airway Heights water crisis

AIRWAY HEIGHTS, Wash. - Restaurants welcome the end of the Airway Heights water crisis, now in its seventh day.

For citizens of Airway Heights, water has been available to them every day, no matter how they choose to pick it up.

For restaurant owners though, it's something they've had to purchase themselves.

That's nothing compared to the other struggles they've faced.

Wolffy's prides themselves on cooking everything fresh daily, so their kitchen doesn't have much freezer space.

Manager Justin Davis has had to get creative with housing the ice, leaving as much as possible in the ice bin and the rest in the refrigerator.

“We got four bags of ice that came in but that's all we can do,” said Davis. “We put them in trash bags because they are going to start melting on us.”

While it has been costly, he doesn't want to let his customers or his crew down.

“We have a full crew and you know, they have families, people to take care of. We don't want to send anyone home.”

Also getting creative is Yokes. They've been donating water, answering customer questions, and dealing with water-related issues of their own.

While they are eager to use water once again, they too will continue to make sure their product is safe and their customers are happy.

Airway Heights City Manager Albert Tripp says the results of Monday night's testing should be in by Wednesday or Thursday at the latest.

They are confident the ban will be lifted shortly thereafter.