PULLMAN, Wash. — WSU Football coach Jake Dickert sent his thoughts and prayers to former WSU coach Mike Leach, who is in the hospital following a personal health issue he suffered at his home.

“I know Coach Leach means a lot to a lot of people in this building and a lot of Cougs everywhere,” Dickert said. “Right now, with heavy hearts, we’re praying for a recovery and praying for his health and family and all of his loved ones.”

“I think as a coach, you know your impact in times like this where there are so many people that are pulling for you,” Dickert continued. “There’s so many people that his reach has touched, and he’s obviously unique. I know you listen to the stories and you learn a lot about him. But you also see the success and doing it the hard, tough way. Him and his family are in all of our thoughts and prayers. We have a lot of [guys] on our coaching staff that have played for him, and it means a lot to them. We’re sending him our prayers.”

The current Mississippi State head coach was airlifted to the University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson, Mississippi, on Sunday. He is in critical condition.

The University released a statement on Monday on Leach’s condition.

PAST COVERAGE: Former WSU football coach Mike Leach taken to hospital with personal health issue