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Disgruntled plow driver blocks gas station entrance with snow

Disgruntled plow driver blocks gas...

SPOKANE, Wash. - With snow piling up across the area, we rely on plows to clear our roads and parking lots. But one driver did the opposite, blocking the entrance to a local business.

When workers at the Exxon gas station on Nevada and Francis got to work Tuesday, they found a giant pile of snow in front of the store. They say it was intentionally left there and surveillance video proves it.

The store's assistant manager, Daryl Faltus says he had a hunch on who could've plowed them in after a disagreement on Sunday with the man they hire to clear their parking lot.

“The guy, he's in the store, he's demanding payment and he wants to plow,” he said.

But Faltus said it was still snowing and the plow driver was told to come back the next day.

“Evidently, he took it upon himself to drive and plow snow up into the neighbor and into our air machine out there,” Faltus said of the incident Sunday night.

So when Faltus saw the 3-foot-tall, 20-foot-wide snow pile Tuesday, he assumed it was the same driver.

“And when I looked at the security feed, it was in fact the same guy,” he said.

Surveillance video caught it all. It shows the truck pushing snow in front of the entrance five times, leaving a giant mess and blocking the entrance. Faltus says the store lost business because people couldn't get inside, not to mention the safety hazard.

“We have a lot of customers in this neighborhood which have mobility issues and there was not enough room for them to navigate around a pile of snow and ice,” he said.

Faltus said they've since hired a different plow driver to clear their lot and filed a report with Crime Check.

“It's the mentality behind it. This guy is being a bully, throwing a tantrum,” Faltus said.