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Die-hard Cougs tailgate for Thanksgiving

PULLMAN, Wash. - A full day before game-time, WSU fans were already setting up shop for the Apple Cup, celebrating Thanksgiving tailgate-style.

Former WSU player Ryan Raymond and his family are die-hard Cougs.

"Every weekend, rain snow sleet -doesn't matter. Cold or hot. We're here," Raymond said.

The family hasn't missed a game since 2010.

But with the Apple Cup falling so close to Thanksgiving this year, they decided to switch up their table setting.

Starting last night, Cougar fans from all over arrived on campus and set up for a turkey tailgate.

"It's just a great opportunity and memories for our kids and our families that are here," Raymond said.

It might not be your average thanksgiving dinner location, but all of the classics will be there.

Raymond says the bond between the folks that tailgate together each year is like that of an extended family. Especially today, as they all come together for Thanksgiving.

It gives us the opportunity to give hugs and high fives and get that camaraderie going and build the relationships between our kids and ourselves as we continue to support our Cougar football team," Raymond said.

A team that Raymond hopes is Rose Bowl bound.

"It's been a long time coming a lot of down years, and a lot of excitement this year with the program and the players," he said.

But as far as the Apple Cup goes?

"Oh, it's a big Cougar victory and we're all going to storm the field when we're done," Raymond said.