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Deputy injured in foot chase

SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. - A Spokane Valley Deputy is on medical leave and may require surgery after being injured during a foot chase.

Deputy Andrew Richmond and Deputy Travis West were responding to a vehicle prowling call on Sunday, January 22 in the 11600 block of E. Rego Court in Spokane Valley.  They located three males matching the description of the suspects.  As the deputies attempted to contact them, all three ran away.

Deputy West caught the first suspect, 19-year-old Sinjin L. Triplett almost immediately.  Deputy Richmond caught a second suspect shortly after, but injured his knee in the process.  Deputy West noticed the third suspect hiding behind a tree and took him into custody.

Triplett could not be identified as entering the victim’s car but a cell phone belonging to the victim was located on Triplett during a search.  Triplett was charged with Obstructing a Police Officer.  The second suspect could not be identified by the victim but was arrested on an unrelated warrant.  The third suspect, also a juvenile, was charged with Vehicle Prowling 2nd Degree.

Deputy Richmond remains on medical leave and may require surgery.