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Cyrus O'Leary's says "no risk" from pies in water crisis

AIRWAY HEIGHTS, Wash. - A major pie maker and distributor tells kxly4 it has brought in its own water in order to continue operations during the water contamination crisis and doesn't believe pies made before the contamination was made known pose any risk to the public.

Cyrus O'Leary's makes pies at its Hayford Road facility for distribution across the country. The company's CEO describes the situation as "presenting some challenges."

"Over the past week, we've taken a number of steps to carefully analyze the risk, and have concluded that our pies, due to their low water content, pose no health risk."

After inquiries from KXLY4, CEO Barclay Klingel provided a lengthy statement about the contamination's effects on its facility. Klingel says the company immediately suspended production upon hearing of the water issue last Wednesday.

The company then hired Intertek, a risk-assessment firm, to help determine what should happen next.

"By Wednesday afternoon, May 17, Intertek completed a preliminary analysis, leading us to feel very comfortable that our pies were well within the EPA’s limits and that a recall was not necessary," wrote Klingel. "We have been in close communication and shared these results with the Washington State Department of Agriculture, who is serving as the FDA’s agent responsible for monitoring food safety in our facility, including water quality. No City, State or Federal agencies have approached us with any requirement or suggestion that we should consider a recall. Intertek is expected to deliver their final written report by the end of the day Tuesday, May 23. Upon receipt, we will make this report available to Washington State Department of Agriculture."

Klingel continued, "Intertek’s analysis demonstrates that the consumption of one slice of pie per day, every day over the course of a lifetime, would be 10-fold to 50-fold LOWER than the EPA’s advised limits. For example, a slice of Chocolate Cream Pie contains approximately 1/3 of an ounce of water. This contrasts to the average human daily consumption of 1.5 to 2 liters of water used by the EPA for establishing their limits."

Cyrus O'Leary's resumed production Sunday, "sourcing potable water from the City of Spokane which was trucked to the bakery in a specially permitted stainless-steel tanker," Klingel wrote. "The water will be the exclusive source for formulating our pies until the City of Airway Heights is tied directly into the City of Spokane lines."

Klingel says, "We are confident that our pies have not and will not pose any type of health risk to the consuming public."