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Court docs: Sharpe told friends he wanted to 'prove a point'

SPOKANE, Wash. - Nearly two months after the tragic shooting at Freeman High School, new court documents reveal information about 15-year-old shooter Caleb Sharpe's frame of mind in the days and weeks leading up to the shooting.

The new information comes from Sharpe's close friends, who shared with police disturbing messages they'd received from Sharpe about bomb-making, weapons, and proving a point.

One girl who identified herself as a good friend of Sharpe's said he shared with her that watching school shooting documentaries cleansed him.

She and several other friends recalled instances where Sharpe would ask for help collecting supplies to make bombs, saying all the items would be illegal if put together.

His best friend says a week before the shooting, Sharpe asked him if he'd get some items for gardening, including sulfur.

On March 3, Sharpe had a conversation with a female on the popular phone app, Snapchat, where he said “It's funny, all the thoughts in my head most involved a gun or knife to you.”

When the girl told him it sounded insane. He said “you call me insane, I call it proving a point.”

The documents do not reveal if any of these friends went to an adult with their information before the shooting. 

Sharpe is due back in court in April, where a judge will decide if he will be charged as a juvenile or adult.