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Court docs: Man charged with Cheney marijuana shop employee's murder may have confessed on Facebook

SPOKANE, Wash. - In a search warrant filed this week, police say the man charged with the murder of a Cheney marijuana shop employee in September may have confessed on Facebook. 

Donovan Culps is accused of killing Cameron Smith, who worked at Lucid. He was charged with first degree murder, robbery, kidnapping and several other charges. 

The new warrant was filed in connection with two women being investigated for rendering criminal assistance to Mr. Culps. Alishia Jackson and Violetta Culps, Mr. Culps' niece, were reportedly with him at the time of the crime. They are not currently facing charges. 

But, the search warrant includes what appears to be “some type of confession” made by Donovan Culps on Facebook before he was taken into custody. A screen shot was sent to Cheney Police. It reads: 
     “Ok this is my confession … Yes I did do it. The women that is being looked for had              nothing to do with what i have done.. I made them drove off in that truck with no choice. I am a person that will tell you just how it is. So they were scared to...i want everybody to know including the fbi that i take full and all responsibility..He gone aint no coming back...I also know it is a shoot to kill warrant..Im ready...” 

When police went to Culps' Facebook to see the post, it had been deleted. 

Donovan Culps does have a criminal history and was categorized by the U.S. Marshal's Service as a violent offender. He was arrested by police on September 14. 

Culps' bond was set at $1 million dollars. His criminal trial is currently slated to begin mid-December.