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Couple adopts son for National Adoption Day

SPOKANE, Wash. - A very happy new family walked out of the Spokane County Courthouse on Friday after adopting their son for National Adoption Day. The married couple, Justine Jones and Danielle Neubauer had fostered their new son, Mason after he was released from the NICU at Sacred Heard as a new born baby. 

"There are so many times where I am thinking," said Danielle Nebauer, "how can I love this little man so much?"

Mason is now a healthy and happy two and half year old. 

"He is full of energy," said Jones. “He has ants in his pants all the time he loves to run and play and he is a hugger and a kisser."

His moms love him like their own. Justine and Danielle have welcomed foster children into their home for years, a stressful and sometimes heartbreaking process, because the children's stays are often temporary. But for them, there's nothing more rewarding, and that was especially true Friday.

“Today being an endpoint to this journey, is the most rewarding thing we have ever done because he's everything for us.”

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