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Council votes to combat climate change

Council votes to combat climate change

SPOKANE, Wash. - Spokane City Council voted Monday night to add an ordinance to the city code acknowledging climate change is human caused and solidify a dedication to reduce greenhouse gases.

City Council President Ben Stuckart sponsored the ordinance and said climate change is real.

Dozens of concerned neighbors both for and against the ordinance testified before the council.

"The most minute disturbance in mother nature- a small volcanic eruption puts more pollutants in the air than we can do in a century, I mean it's ridiculous," said one neighbor.

However, several people praised the council for its effort to protect the community and make a plan for a sustainable future.

"Adopting the plan by ordinance tonight and making it part of the municipal code is one of the most significant things each of you may ever do to make this world a better place," said a neighbor in support of the ordinance.

Council member Mike Fagan voted against the ordinance.  Fagan said the language of the ordinance is subjective and questions the science supporting human caused climate change.