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Cop killer's mother speaks in court

Cop killer's mother speaks in court

COEUR D'ALENE, Idaho - The final phase of Jonathan Renfro's trial got underway Monday. At the end of this phase, a jury will decide if Jonathan Renfro is punished by the death penalty, or life in prison.

It was an emotional day for some in court. Jonathan Renfro's mother was brought to tears several times as she talked about Renfro's upbringing, and the future of their family.

But the main focus of Monday was when a psychologist tried to explain why Renfro is the way he is.

Renfro's defense argues that Renfro's actions were a combination of things, that point to his childhood years, where Renfro had trouble focusing on school.

He was later given medication for what was suspected to be ADHD. Renfro grew up in Central California, but when he was in the ninth grade, his family moved to Post Falls, Idaho.    

That's where Renfro was held back a year, and his defense says that's when he found himself getting involved with the wrong crowd.

The defense also brought in an expert psychologist, who ran a series of tests on Renfro and came to the conclusion that Renfro has a mild neuro-cognitive disorder.

He says Renfro has trouble processing the outcome of his decision, and controlling his behavior.

The psychologist testified that this is likely due to Renfro's ADHD, hits to the head during PeeWee football and other activities, as well as Renfro's heavy drinking at a young age.

But prosecutors say that's not the case. They point to findings from other psychologists who have tested Renfro. None of them have diagnosed Renfro with a cognitive disorder. Renfro has also tested at an above average IQ.

Prosecutors have instead argued that Renfro suffers from antisocial personality disorder, which is characterized as a disregard for others.

The state believes death is the only justifiable punishment for Renfro's murder of Sergeant Moore.

Lawyers expect to take close to two weeks to finish up this phase of the trial.

Renfro's defense will have to prove that the death penalty is an unjust punishment. If they don't, Renfro will be sentenced to death. In Idaho, that means death by lethal injection.