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Community helps SPD find hit and run suspect

Community helps SPD find hit and run...

SPOKANE, Wash. - A Spokane man lost his leg after a hit and run collision last week, but with the help of the community, Spokane Police arrested the woman they say is responsible.

Spokane Police tells KXLY that if it weren't for the help of the community, the person they believe is responsible for the hit and run crash on 11th and Southeast Boulevard may never have been found

"Every now and then the community cooperation comes together and justice is served," said Ofc. Shane Phillips with the Spokane Police Department, "and this was one of those cases, so thank you to everybody who helped."

On Sunday night, Daniel "Dutch" Inwood was on his motorcycle, and collided with an SUV.

Dutch lost his leg and the driver drove away.

"The crash investigator went out and canvassed the neighborhood, looked for video evidence, the only evidence we really had was rear tail light assembly," Ofc. Phillips said.

The news of the crash spread quickly.

"Yesterday late afternoon, early evening, one of our patrol officers was approached by a person who thought they knew who it was based on the evidence put out to the media," Ofc. Phillips explained.

Police followed that person's tip, which led them to 33 year-old Leslie A. Hester. They arrested her this early Saturday morning on felony hit and run charges.

Dutch was confident the community would help find the person who left him bleeding in the road.

"This is why I love Spokane," he said with tears in his eyes. "There are good people in this town."

Spokane Police explained this is an example of the community being the eyes and ears for law enforcement.

"We had a community member that was active, we had a patrol officer that was active, we had a crash investigator that was active, we had the media that was active, and through all those things, this victim is going to get some justice," he said.

Dutch says he never wanted anyone to get in trouble, but he has a message for the alleged driver, Leslie Hester:

"Ma'am, I never wanted for this to happen," he said. "I wish you would've just done the right thing. Even if I didn't have a drivers license I would've still stopped and helped the person regardless of the consequences."

Dutch says he's not going to let this accident bring him down. He plans on opening a homeless shelter for veterans and hopes to one day get back on a motorcycle