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Colville gears for winter storm

COLVILLE, Wash. - Crews in Colville tried to keep up with a winter storm warning Tuesday. Colville is expected to get up to seven inches or more through Tuesday night.

Colville resident Carol Simpson wasn't fazed by the snow.

“If you just get out and shovel a little bit it's no big deal,” Simpson said.

She's been shoveling her walk as long as she can remember. Sitting in the middle of a winter storm warning doesn't phase her, but as she shoveled she was keeping an eye on the slippery snow-covered roads.

As the City got inches and inches of snow, Jeff Long, Colville's Street Director, was also keeping an eye on the roads.

“When it snows like this you just keep going round and round and showing a presence and opening up what you can,” said Long.

Long has all four of the cities plows running doing what they can, but he admits they are outpaced.
“We didn't figure it was going to be this bad but Mother Nature again fooled us,” said Long.

He says crews will finish their day Tuesday and then gear up for a 3 a.m. start Wednesday, and plan for long hours.