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Coach Mike Leach: "No plans" to follow Moos to Nebraska

PULLMAN, Wash. - Coming off the worst loss in his tenure at Washington State University, head football coach Mike Leach found out Sunday morning that his boss was leaving when his wife saw it Sunday morning on social media.

"She told me bright and early in the morning," Leach said.

Leach was caught off guard, as was the entire university and Cougar fan nation, when athletic director Bill Moos was named to lead the athletic department at the University of Nebraska.

As news broke Sunday, many Cougar fans' minds turned to one question: what does this mean for Coach Leach and his future at WSU? Would he follow Moos to Nebraska?

"I don't have any plans to do that," Leach said during his regularly scheduled Monday news conference. "They already have a head coach there, he's a pretty good one - Mike Riley."

Leach spoke admirably of the man who convinced him to leave Key West in November 2011 and bring his Air Raid offense to Pullman.

"He made it particularly appealing for me to come here," Leach said. "He's the AD everyone wanted to work for and even though I didn't know him, I was lucky enough to get to."



Leach said he and Moos have spoken only through text messaging since the announcement Sunday. He said he doesn't have much time to think about who will replace Moos, saying "I'm going to focus on beating Colorado [Saturday]."

Media reports over the weekend said WSU President Kirk Schulz would meet with Leach as soon as possible to talk about the search for a new athletic director and about Leach's future at WSU. Leach said the two men hadn't gotten together yet, but plan to meet sometime this week.

As for reports of friction between Moos and Schulz, Leach said, "I have no problem whatsoever with President Schulz. I've always gotten along great with him."

Leach said Moos's legacy will be remembered at WSU for not only what he did in his seven years as athletic director, but also for decades of dedication to his alma mater.

"I think he's made huge contributions, it started long before I got here when he was captain of the football team for Jim Sweeney," Leach said. "Great presence, great spirit, just the ultimate Coug."

Leach said he hopes Moos' successor will have a vision of success for the department, a sense of teamwork and the entire department working together, and a commitment to state of the art facilities for all sports.