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Coach facing disorderly conduct, harassment charges following fight with teacher

TONASKET, Wash. - A Tonasket High School coach, facing disorderly conduct and harassment charges after an altercation with a middle school teacher. 

As it often does in school hallways and classrooms, all of this began with name-calling.

Tonasket High School  basketball coach Kevin Landdeck interrupted middle school teacher Jim Caddy's class on January 30, alleging that, at a recent basketball game, Caddy had called Landdeck's son a "princess".

Caddy denied the accusation, and repeatedly asked him to leave the classroom.

Landdeck refused. He continued to confront Caddy, calling him a liar,  and on two occasions threatened to beat him up.

A student caught the incident on camera.

Right after it happened, School Superintendent Steve McCullough put Landdeck on administrative leave. 

But on February 22, against the superintendent's recommendation,  the Tonasket School Board voted 4-1 to rescind Landdeck's suspension through the the end of this current boy's basketball season.

The board released a statement saying:

“On Wednesday February 22,2017, having heard from students, team members, parents, community members, staff, the superintendent and administrative team, as well as Coach Landdeck, over the past several weeks, the Tonasket School Board made a decision to rescind the administrative leave of Coach Landdeck through the end of this current boy's basketball season only. This decision was not unanimous and in opposition to the superintendent's recommendation. The Board believes this decision is in the best interest of our boys basketball student athletes at this moment.”

On Wednesday morning, Tonasket lost a season ending State B tournament game to Adna.

The same day, disorderly conduct and harassment charges were filed against  Landdeck in Okanogan District Court. A court record lists a case filed on March 1 for an incident occurring on January 30.

A report from the Tonasket Police Department indicate that officers were contacted about the incident and video the day following the altercation.

McCullough spoke with an officer, who advised him that harassment and disorderly conduct charges were a possibility, and a report would be forwarded to the prosecutor for review.

The report states that the altercation apparently continued after the video ends, and that there was more arguing as Landdeck left the classroom.

The officer spoke with Caddy, the teacher, who said he felt Landdeck was intentionally trying to degrade and intimidate him in front of students.

At the time of the report, Caddy indicated he would wait before pressing charges. The officer stated he would be referring charges for the threats of violence made by Landdeck, in apparent violation of RCW 28A.635.100.

A second Tonasket Police report indicates that on February 24, two days after he was reinstated, Landdeck was arrested in the high school's parking lot for failure to appear on a third degree Driving with a Suspended License charge.

Landdeck posted bail and was released.