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City works towards better snow response

SPOKANE, Wash. - The City of Spokane wants your help creating a better snow plan.

While most of us would like to put winter weather out of our minds, officials hope you can take a few minutes to let them know what plow crews could do better.

One of the most challenging places to remove snow is downtown.

It often piles up in the center lanes and causes problems with parking.

So, we asked folks who live and work here what the city could do better.

It's easy to be critical but I was surprised to hear positive feedback.

Reed Duvall understands the difficulties the city faces in other neighborhoods like Browne's addition.

“They get all the arterials cleared and make sure to get the side streets by notifying the people,” said Duvall.

“Move your cars or it's going to get towed and that's probably the major complaint. People get snowed in and then can't move their cars and get towed.”

While most of the people we talked to on Wednesday had good things to say, the city knows there is room for improvement.

Common complaints include being plowed in by snow berms, and frustrations over sidewalks that don't get cleared.

“We likely can't afford to do all of the things our citizens told us about this year,” said Marlene Feist, City of Spokane Communications Manager. “So we want to get some priority so we can develop a plan for next year that will improve our snow removal efforts but still be an affordable way to remove snow.”

The city is reaching out for your input through an online survey.

It's available until April 25.