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City of Spokane prepares for latest round of snow

SPOKANE, Wash. - As the latest snow storm rolls in city crews have been busy working to ensure your safety on the roads.

Overnight Monday there will be 15 pieces of equipment out prepping roads for this snow including deicers, sanders and plows.

Temperatures warming up means the deicer that is only effective in 15 degrees or warmer, will work exactly how it should.

The city says they expect this will be the most snow they've seen from one storm this season in Spokane and they are more than ready for it.

The plows, deicers and sanders will be sticking to main roads and arterials unless we get more than that 2 to 4 inches we are expecting.

“2 to 4, still sticking to arterials and main roads, that stage one snow event doesn't come in to play until there are 2 inches on the ground and 4 more expect in the same storm system,” said Julie Happy with the city of Spokane.

The city also wants to remind everyone to drive carefully in these wintry road conditions.

A city crew will work through the night and another will come in early tomorrow morning to make sure the roads are in the best shape possible for your morning commute.