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City looks to improve snow response

SPOKANE, Wash. - The City of Spokane is looking for public feedback on how to improve its snow response.

They hope to use that information to help identify changes to better meet the needs of citizens during winter weather.

“Snow is part of life in the Inland Northwest, and we are taking a fresh look at how we can improve mobility for vehicles and pedestrians during inclement weather,” says Gary Kaesemeyer, the City’s Street Director. “We are reviewing best practices from other cities, evaluating our equipment, and considering staffing needs to refine our approach to address the citizens’ most important priorities.”

This past winter was the wettest on record, and much of that precipitation was snow.

The City completed three full-City plows to respond to those conditions.

But throughout the season, citizens voiced concerns about the City manages snow on streets and sidewalks.
Concerns ranged from dissatisfaction with the berms deposited at the end of the driveways to how long it takes to complete a full-City plow.

The City has compiled the concerns and is asking the public to help define how important each is as part of an online survey.

The survey will be available until April 25, and the results will help define which changes will be prioritized for implementation next winter.