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City crews to begin removing massive tree blocking Browne's Addition intersection

SPOKANE, Wash. - Wednesday, crews are expected to start removing a giant tree in Browne's Addition that fell Sunday night. 

For two days, the tree has been blocking the intersection at 2nd and Chestnut. 

It was the strong winds Sunday night that toppled the massive tree.

"I heard this giant boom. It sounded like thunder almost," said Tuesday Fohrman, who lives at that intersection.

Fohrman was home when the tree toppled. She said it came close to one of their vehicles, but luckily it didn't damage any homes or property. No one was hurt when it fell. 

But, as of Tuesday, the tree is still there. Fohrman says that's frustrating. 

"Now that it's here, it's been here for two days, so that's a little bit frustrating cause it's blocking a big intersection," she said. 

The city says it was delayed in cleaning the tree up because when the tree came down it also brought down a powerline. The city says Avista finally gave them permission to start clearing the tree on Wednesday. 

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