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City asks residents to start parking on odd side of street

City asks residents to start parking...

SPOKANE, Wash. - There may not be any snow on the ground right now, but the city is already looking ahead to winter, marking the start of the city's snow season Wednesday. 

From now until March 15, drivers are asked to park on only the odd side of the street in an effort to streamline the plowing process. For years, Spokane's plows have been the target of frustrated residents. 

The city says it has listened to those complaints and changed its system based on feedback. There will be no more snow stages and no more confusing restrictions that change regularly. 

The biggest change though may just be in the parking. Drivers are now asked to only park on the odd side of the street, whether it's snowing or not. The city hopes this will get drivers in the habit, so when there is snow it's easier to get around vehicles. 

"It really is a partnership between the city and the people that live here to get the streets cleared as quickly as possible. Moving to one side of the street allows to pass much more easily," said city spokesman Brian Coddington. 

The city asks that you remove any basketball hoops from the street. You also need to move any boats or trailers that are parked along the curb. 

"We don't anticipate that we'll be doing a bunch of towing and citing, but there's potential that you could be cited," Coddington said. 

There are also changes to how the city will staff its drivers. And good news for those pesky berms: the city says it has purchased new equipment that will hopefully help reduce those problems. 

"We're going to try those out, see how those work, see whether or not they're effective and if they are effective, we'll look at buying more of those," said Coddington. 

One thing that hasn't changed in the snow plan though is the city's rule about clearing sidewalks. It is still your responsibility to clear 36 inches of snow from the sidewalk outside your home. If you are unable to, you can contact the city at 311.