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Chilling details released in murder of Spokane cab driver

SPOKANE, Wash. - UPDATE: Friends of Gagandeep Singh's family have reached out to KXLY to contradict parts of Jacob Coleman's testimony. They say the 22-year-old cab driver did not have a girlfriend. Coleman told a detective, who then testified in court, that Singh asked Coleman to make sure someone "apologized to his girlfriend" for something that had happened. 

PREVIOUS: There's chilling new details on the murder of Spokane cab driver, 22-year-old Gagandeep Singh, stabbed to death by his passenger in North Idaho last month.

He is remembered by family and friends as smart, caring, and friendly.

His accused killer, 19-year-old Jacob Coleman, flew to Spokane with hopes of starting his college career.

A press release sent out by the Bonner County Sheriff's Office explained in detail the bizarre chain of events that resulted in Singh's death.

But a probable cause testimony given by a detective, elaborates on what happened after the stabbing and why law enforcement says it enough to prove the murder was premeditated.

Right now, Coleman's movement through the court system has been temporarily delayed so he could undergo a mental health evaluation.

KXLY looked to recorded testimony from detectives to find out why.

The story begins when Coleman flew to Spokane with sights set on Gonzaga, and the start of his college career but he never actually applied to the school and was not allowed entry,

"He in his words, spiraled down from there," said Bonner County Sheriff's Office Detective Phil Stella.

When got in town he called a cab, that's when his plan began to take shape.

"Basically once he left Gonzaga he had developed a plan in his mind that he wanted to kill somebody and Mr. Singh just became a target of opportunity," said Stella.

Coleman told Singh to drive him to Idaho and, at a stop at Walmart on the way, he bought a knife.

Singh realized Coleman didn't know where he was going, so he turned back, and stopped at a gas station in the town of Kootenai.

"Mr. Coleman was talking to Mr. Singh , about possibly being suicidal," said Stella. "Mr. Singh was trying to get his phone number or his parents phone number, somebody he could contact to help."

The 22-year-old cab driver tried to help his young passenger but when he mentioned Coleman's parents, something changed.

In court the question was asked of Stella if Coleman give reason or rationale. "His initial reason was that he absolutely didn't want anybody to contact his parents about him being suicidal or about anything that had happened to him today," said Stella.

Coleman told detectives, Singh fought for his life but eventually stopped. That's when Coleman says they began to talk. Singh's last words entrusted to his accused killer was a message to his girlfriend.

"Mr. Singh wanted to make sure that somebody apologized to his girlfriend about an event that happened," said Stella. "Mr. Coleman said he offered Mr. Singh some comfort and help. He would give him water when he asked for water."

For what he says felt like several hours Coleman claims he offered comfort but at no time did he call for help.

He was still in the cab when the first deputies arrived on scene.

"He just simply watched him bleed out," said Stella.

Coleman is facing a 1st degree murder charge. He has yet to enter a plea. According to the Idaho repository, he's scheduled to be in court again, next week.