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Businesses graffitied on newly renovated Sprague

SPOKANE, Wash. - Business owners along East Sprague came to work this week to find graffiti scratched into the windows.

It's happening to multiple shops near Sprague and Magnolia. Businesses say the damage is permanent, and costing them hundreds of dollars.

The owner of Tiger Tattoo said he was sick to his stomach when he arrived at his shop Thursday morning to find his window vandalized with graffiti. But this shop isn't the only business targeted.

“Several of the shops on the street got tagged. We just happened to get the biggest one,” said Duffy Foster, owner of Tiger Tattoo.

The art created inside Tiger Tattoo is permanent, and so are the scratches on the shop's window. What's outside, they'll have no choice but to repair.

“Probably at least $400 or $500 I would guess,” said Foster. “I would much rather pay for things that matter to the shop than stuff that's not necessary.”

Ron Aldrich, who owns R.K. Appliance and Service next door to Tiger Tattoo, says his window was tagged last week, not long after the construction on this portion of Sprague wrapped up.

“That's more money out of my pocket that we have to use to fix that on top of the slow business we've had because of this construction,” said Aldrich.

The damage is now done, and all businesses can do is move forward. It's still unclear who to blame, but Duffy Foster has a message for them: “Come on by,” he said. “Let me see your art work in person. Explain to me why you had to do that to our window. We do art in here all day long but we don't go around defacing other people's property.”

The tattoo shop reported the incident to police. If you have any information, you are asked to call Crime Check at 509-456-2233.