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Bushnell stands trial for shooting a man to death

SPOKANE, Wash. - Former soldier Edward Bushnell, accused of shooting a man to death in East Central Spokane in 2015, took the stand in his own defense in Spokane Superior Court Tuesday.

It was a high stakes trial for everyone involved in the case.

Bushnell, who some people view as a good samaritan, could face 20 years in prison.

If Bushnell is acquitted, tax payers will have to foot the sizable bill for his defense.

Back in 2015, Edward Bushnell was going to the aid of a woman he saw getting abused on an East Central Spokane sidewalk.

“He grabbed both hands on her hair and pulled her up by her hair, and threw her at the fence,” said Bushnell in court.

Bushnell, who lives nearby, was on his skateboard.

He stopped and confronted William Poindexter.

“There was only enough of a delay for him to say, and I quote, 'she's my bitch, I can do what I want,'” said Bushnell.

In court Tuesday, Bushnell said he was able to stop Poindexter from assaulting the woman but wasn't able to stop getting clubbed himself.

“I approached and asked him what he was doing and why he was hurting this woman and he produced a bat and started swinging at me with it,” said Bushnell.

Bushnell was knocked to the ground after he was hit in the face with the bat.

Bushnell then showed the jury how he pulled a gun from his backpack as he followed Poindexter up Altamont and then fired, feeling that the woman as well as himself were still in danger.

“I felt like he was going to hurt her again and I felt he would have or could have come back and hurt me with that bat again,” said Bushnell.

The Lewis and Clark grad then dragged the victim out of the street and called 911.

But under cross examination, prosecutors wanted to know why Bushnell didn't call 911 instead of pulling his 9 millimeter.

Bushnell's jury only had a chance to deliberate a couple of hours Tuesday after hearing closing arguments.

They will take up this case again Wednesday morning and we'll let you know when they reach their verdict.