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Breast cancer survivor shares brave story

Breast cancer survivor shares brave...

SPOKANE, Wash. - An elementary school teacher shared her brave story about how you don't let breast cancer change who you are.

Being an elementary school teacher and a mom, Jorene Klopsh doesn't get a lot of time to worry about herself. But in May 2016, a small lump she found in her breast changed all that.

“Within three hours we got a phone call from my doctor saying it was cancer,” said Jorene. “I just heard the word cancer and I just kind of tuned out after that...”

Then she told herself that a thing like cancer wasn't going to stand in her way.

"Cancer didn't take over my life at all. I just kept doing what I was doing,” said Jorene.

And the community rallied to fight by her side, as did trained professionals like Dr. Moline, a Surgical Oncologist at Cancer Care Northwest.

Jorene's first surgery was on the last day of school.

Every step of the way, her friends and family were there, helping her with work, her children, and her life, while she endured surgeries, chemo, and radiation.

“Support is a huge thing to have through all of this,” said Jorene. “Don't try to do it by yourself.”

After chemo and a mastectomy, the tumor was gone, and Jorene has a message for all women out there.

“Just basically be in tune with your body so that if you feel anything abnormal, you go get it checked out,” said Jorene.

A simple action that gave this mom, teacher, and friend, a new title...survivor.

Jorene has a couple preventative surgeries left but she is cancer free and will go to check ups periodically to be sure the cancer doesn't return.