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Body camera footage released from officer-involved shooting during domestic violence investigation

SPOKANE, Wash. - Spokane Police are releasing body camera footage from an officer-involved shooting in November of last year that lead to the death of a Spokane man.

James Danforth, 59, was killed by officers following a domestic violence call in the 2900 block of E Rowan. The shooting took place on November 28, 2017.

Wednesday, officers played a 911 call from a woman at a residence on that block. She reported that she had been letting Danforth sleep on her couch that month. During the call, the woman says that Danforth started accusing her of stealing her property, she says he was also pointing a gun at her. During the call, several shots can be heard in the background. 

Officers arrived just before 6 p.m. that night, but couldn't find Danforth. Officers David Stone and Brent Armstrong stayed on scene in a patrol car for around an hour and a half, when Danforth came back. 

In police body camera footage, you can see officers shine a light on Danforth. At this time there is no audio. Danforth can then be seen turning his body toward officers. Police say this is when Danforth fired a shot from a gun he had in his jacket pocket. Officers then return fire and Danforth falls to the ground.

The police department said officers fired 12 rounds and they were able to recover the casings. They also say Danforth's gun jammed and he was only able to fire one round. 

Danforth was taken to the hospital that evening, but lost consciousness before he arrived. He later died. 

The Spokane County Prosecutor's Office investigated the case and determined the lethal force by the officers was justified. Officers Stone and Armstrong were placed on administrative leave after the shooting, but have since returned to their full duties.