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Bloomsday participant trades in 20 year-old shoes

SPOKANE, Wash. - A Spokane woman is running Bloomsday for a good cause, and now she'll have an easier time doing it.

She traded in her worn out shoes for a new pair, thanks to a donation from Fleet Feet Sports Spokane.

Cheryl Keeler reached out to KXLY to tell us that she's doing Bloomsday to raise money for charity, and during that conversation, she mentioned her old pair of shoes.

We thought she shouldn't be doing the race in shoes that old, and we knew the perfect place to get her some help.

Like most "Bloomies," Cheryl Keeler is getting excited for Sunday.

"I'm doing Bloomsday with a twist," she said. "What I do is every mile I walk, I walk or run or try to run, I raise money up until Bloomsday for each mile so I can give it to a different charity."

This year Cheryl will complete the course, raising money for traumatic brain injury survivors.

"Because we don't get state or federal grants, sometimes if we do they're really small," she explained. "We do year round activities and we never charge the survivors or their families, and we're always looking to find some way to do fundraisers."

But this year, Cheryl will have a little more pep in her step. We knew 7.4 miles would not work in her 20 year-old shoes. So, we called our friends at Fleet Feet Sports Spokane.

"I'm going to get a new pair of shoes this time and maybe it will help me with my speed," she said.

"We fit her with a pair of shoes that had been returned because they might have been defective or something, they didn't fit the other customer and we're allowed to reuse those in donation cases," explained Fit Specialist Charles Cinq-Mars. "So I fit her with a pair of 8 and a half wide shoes."

Cheryl's shoes have taken her far, including two Bloomsdays before.

"I've had these shoes for over 20 years and gone with almost a broken foot that swelled them up, so now my feet just kind of slide and my socks fall down and so I need a new pair," she explained.

Thanks to Fleet Feet, Cheryl is now ready to put her best foot forward, and tackle the Bloomsday course.

"She'll be a whole lot more comfortable," Cinq-Mars said.

Fleet Feet also gave Cheryl some socks to help her feet breathe and stay blister free, and shoes with lock-up laces so they are easier to get on and off.