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Beloved Crescent building Christmas window displays are back

SPOKANE, Wash. - The Downtown Spokane Partnership recently discovered the Crescent building's famous Christmas window displays that haven't seen the light of day in two decades.

The historic Davenport Hotel has two windows with displays of the Nutcracker Suite. The second floor of River Square Park has three badgers and on the third floor you can see the candy cane workshop in the Whiz Kids windows.

The lucky find for the Downtown Spokane Partnership happened a few months ago when they were rummaging around the basements of downtown buildings.

Some of the old Crescent building's window displays had been stored at Macy’s and in the Crescent building’s basement. By luck, the Lincoln building shared with them that they had pieces in their garage as well.

After twenty years, nine of the twenty figurines from the Nutcracker Suite were in pristine condition. Others needed a little work.

"They are in varying levels of condition. What we have out right now are the ones that are in the best shape," said Elisabeth Hooker with the Downtown Spokane Partnership. "There are definitely some that are in pieces, those are of the older displays that we will be working on for next year.”

All of the pieces in poor condition are being looked after in the Crescent building basement. The Downtown Spokane Partnership is hoping folks who know what the displays used to look like, will help revive the collection for display in the windows of the new Grand Hotel next year so whole new generations of Spokane kids can enjoy.