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Avoid car prowling on Hoopfest weekend

SPOKANE, Wash. - Over 200,000 people will hit the streets of Spokane this weekend to be a part of Hoopfest. That is bad news for downtown parking, but, potentially, good news for car prowlers. City streets lined with unattended cars can make for an easy break-in.

Want to keep your car safe during Hoopfest weekend? Walk, or use public transportation.

But if you do have to drive into downtown this weekend, here are some helpful tips from Spokane Police.

- Leave nothing visible in your cars.

It might only be a duffel full of gym clothes, or even an empty box or bag if car prowlers can see it, there's a chance that they'll break in to get it. If you can, leave it at home or in your hotel room.

- Try to park your car in a well-lit, well-traveled area.

Finding a spot like that is difficult enough when nearly a quarter of a million people are downtown at once, and especially when 45 city blocks are basketball courts. Even if you can find a spot, be advised that time limits still apply thorugh out the weekend.

If you live outside of downtown but don't even want to risk it, you might be in luck with Uber.
The ride-share app has partnered with Hoopfest, offering a promo code and specific drop off location. Use the code HOOPFEST2017 for a free first ride up to $15.

They've also organized pick up and drop off locations- you can find more information about those at the Hoopfest website.

Hoopfesters can also use one of STA's Hoop Loops to get around the tournament this weekend- you can also find that info on the Hoopfest website.