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Arrest of man on mental health hold turns violent

SPOKANE, Wash. - Spokane County Deputies attempted to place a male in custody for a mental health hold when he turned violent.

On Saturday, May 20, around 5:30 p.m., deputies arrived at a residence in the area of the 39800 block of North Newport Highway to assist mental health professionals with taking an adult male into custody for an evaluation.

The male had been violent in the past and was known to dislike law enforcement.

An ambulance was requested to transport the male.

The male was contacted on the back deck of the house, smoking a cigarette, and appeared calm but said he wasn't going anywhere and that they had the wrong person.

As the deputies contacted a Deer Park Ambulance crew who had just arrived, the male began walking towards rooms in the home that had not been searched.

At the time it was unknown if they contained weapons or if anyone was in them.

The deputies followed the male and explained the court order.

A deputy tried to grab the male but he jerked it away, and the two began to struggle.

The second deputy tried to help, and the three ended up on the floor.

The commands to stop fighting were ignored and efforts to gain control of the male were unsuccessful.

DPA Medic Pfeffer came into the room and began helping the deputies with the out of control situation as they called for emergency assistance.

The male was advised that a taser would be used, but he continued fighting.

The taser had little effect on the male as he violently fought and kicked.

The taser was used again, and the deputies were able to handcuff the male.

He continued to fight as the deputies tried to calm him down and remove him from the floor.

The taser was used again, and he was moved onto his side on a mattress so they could monitor his breathing.

He soon became agitated again, and tried to kick the deputies and lower leg restraints were applied.

Eventually, he was placed on a gurney and restrained using 4-point soft restraints.

Other than several bumps and bruises, none of the deputies nor DPA staff were injured.

The male was transported to a local hospital per the court order but could face three counts of Assault Third Degree on Law Enforcement.