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Arrest made in double murder investigation

LEWISTON, Idaho - Police arrested a man after two people were discovered dead early Tuesday morning in Lewiston, and another was found with a stab wound to the back.

Shortly after the crime, police knew exactly who they were looking for, and he's now under arrest. 73-year-old Richard Carlin is related to the victims, and is a registered sex offender. Police put out his name and picture right away, and he was found a few hours later in Northeast Oregon.  

Police say it was two eyewitnesses that provided them with the vital information, like the vehicle description and license plate number of the car that the suspect was driving, that helped them to speed up the search for him.

The original call for help came from someone uninjured, who didn't witness the crime, but told detectives the killer was her grandfather, Richard Carlin.

Lewiston police say after Carlin left the scene, they pinged his cell phone and followed his every move, eventually tracking him down at a Pilot Travel Center in Umatilla, Oregon, because he didn't turn his cell phone off.

The crimes come as a shock to not only the Lewiston community, but to Linda Miller as well. Miller runs the Evergreen Motel, where Carlin has lived for the last three years.

Miller described Carlin as a very nice man. Despite Carlin having a previous conviction for sexually assaulting a child, Miller says she never saw this coming. The Carlin she knows has been in poor health and doesn't even drive.

“He's had several strokes since he's been here and he just did not seem physically fit to be doing this kind of damage,” said Miller.

Police do not know a motive Carlin might have had for the crimes. As for what happens next, Carlin must be extradited back to Lewiston from Oregon, a process that usually happens pretty quickly if he doesn't fight it. Lewiston police say because of the upcoming holiday, the process might be delayed.