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App-based dining company launches in Spokane area

App-based dining company launches in...

SPOKANE, Wash. - A new app-based company promises to be a great deal for both diners and restaurants, and it's launching right here in the Inland Northwest.

The company is called GoDine, and markets itself as "America's Premiere Dining Club." If you haven't heard about it before, that's because it hasn't launched yet. The developers are based out of southern California, but chose Spokane as the first place to launch their venture.

Members pay a monthly fee starting at about $20, and they receive 50 percent off entrees at the participating restaurants. Participating restaurants tell KXLY they're excited because it will help them fight against their biggest enemy: The empty table.

Bonnie Warwick eats at Hay J's in Liberty Lake often. "As often as I can," she added.

She welcomes the idea of eating at Hay J's at a discount. "I'd surely consider it," she said.

That's where GoDine comes in.

"It allows us to put people in seats at times when we would like to put them in seats and give them an incredible discount," explained Hay J's general manager Martin Dean. "Fifty percent off an entree is a memorable discount."

Dean is excited about GoDine's launch next week. He believes this technology could revolutionize dining.

"I believe this is a concept that will completely change our industry," he said. "It will drive customers to the restaurants that are involved in GoDine and increase revenues."

And GoDine says that's the goal.

"Restaurants open, it's the dream of the owner of the chef, and then they close," said GoDine's VP of Marketing, Bert Rhine, "because the restaurant business is very difficult."

GoDine says Spokane is the perfect place to launch their app that has been more than a year in the making.

"As I have spoken with, and met with people of Spokane, they're all about food and dining and having a great time," Rhine said.

After about a month in Spokane, GoDine plans to expand to other bigger cities like Seattle, San Francisco, Denver, Boise, and San Diego.

"You always hear about Silicon Valley and the tech movement in Austin, Texas," said Matt Goodwin, who owns multiple restaurants in the Spokane area including Volstead Act and Fast Eddy's. "It's really cool that a company like GoDine decided to pick the Spokane, Coeur d'Alene region to launch this new product."

These restaurant believe this plan is good for business and good for customers.

"We're doing this for our restaurants, but we're also doing it for our customers," Dean said. "We want to look at our go-dine members not as just another discount program, but these people are going to be our VIPs."

And that's something Bonnie can get on board with.

"I think it's very innovative and a great idea," she said. "I really do."

While these restaurants say this is going to be a big benefit for them, it may not be the perfect model for every restaurant.

GoDine says restaurants that don't have trouble filling seats may not see a benefit.

For more information about GoDine, visit https://godineclub.com/.