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Annual fall street sweeping to being in Spokane Valley

SPOKANE, Wash. - Spokane Valley community members can expect to see street sweeping vehicles throughout the city as the annual fall street sweeping gets under way.

Street sweeping trucks will remove dirt and debris from roadways on weekdays between the hours of 7 a.m. and 5 p.m.

The sweeping helps prevent clogging of stormwater drainage systems. If drains become clogged, pooled water at the clogged drains can pose a driving hazard. The street sweeping program also helps prevent deterioration of roadways due to standing water and helps improve air quality by removing excess dust and dirt that can get blown into the air by passing vehicles and breezes.

The city asks residents to keep leaves and other debris out of the public right of way. There are a variety of options for handling yard waste on site, including mulching, composting and leaving lawn clippings in place to help nourish new growth. Other options include hauling to the Spokane Valley University Road Transfer Station at 2405 N. University Rd., or disposing in yard and food waste containers available to curbside solid waste pickup subscribers.

To help crews efficiently and effectively complete fall street sweeping, the city of Spokane Valley asks people to keep vehicles, trailers and portable basketball hoops out of the right of way. I'ts also important to trim vegetation away from curbing and out of the right of way. Also, trim overhanging branches to at least 14 feet above the public street.

Information about Spokane Valley's street sweeping plan can be found here. Information and options for handling yard waste is also available here. For those without internet access, contact (509) 720-5008 for more information.