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Alleged victim gives emotional testimony in rape case of former officer

SPOKANE, Wash. - The woman who says a former Spokane police officer sexually assaulted her took the stand Tuesday to give emotional testimony on the second day of trial. 

Gordon Ennis is accused of taking advantage of a coworker while she was unconscious at a house party in October 2015. The victim says she had a lot to drink that night, then woke up in the middle of the night with Ennis' hand down her pants. 

The party was held at the home of Doug Strosahl,  another police officer with the Spokane police department. 

In her testimony, the alleged victim says she was drinking Angry Orchard hard ciders mixed with Fireball Whiskey. She says she had three or four of those concoctions, and also had a shot of Fireball on its own. 

During cross examination, the defense tried to question the amount of alcohol she was actually drinking that night. The victim says she had enough to drink to erase parts of her memory. Other witnesses also testified that she was throwing up later in the evening.

The victim was a police officer at the same department of Ennis when the assault happened. Prosecutors questioned if she tried to defend herself against Ennis, given she had self defense training. The victim says she could have never imagined she would have to defend herself against someone she trusted like Ennis. 

"It's not something I played through in my head, so I woke up shocked," she said during testimony. When prosecutors asked why she was shocked, the woman said, through tears "because I trusted him."

The alleged victim says the incident made her personal and professional life hell. She says friends have abandoned her and she questions who she can trust anymore. 

"People that I thought I could trust my life with, I can't even trust my emotions with," she testified. 

It will be several weeks before a jury decides if Ennis is guilty of second degree rape. This is his second trial, as the first resulted in a mistrial.