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Alaska Airlines gives local kids an adventure to the 'North Pole'

SPOKANE, Wash. - The Spokane Airport offers non-stop flights to cities around the country - but this weekend, one flight with some very special passengers took off for the North Pole.

For the last 21 years, Northwest North Pole Adventures has organized the trip along with help from Alaska Airlines and their employees.

60 kids from local shelters and community programs are chosen each December for an unforgettable adventure which begins at the Spokane International Airport. Each child receives a passport to the North Pole along with a personal elf.

Passengers board a 737 called "Santa 1" and takeoff into the skies above Spokane. Halfway through the 40-minute flight, kids are told to close their window shades as they recite a magical chant which allows them to enter Santa's airspace. Minutes later, they land at the "North Pole": a glittering fantasy land made just for the kids.

Thr kids are greeted by Santa and Mrs. Claus and receive several gifts including a blanket and pillow - items some of them have never owned.