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Active stretching best way to make full recovery from Hoopfest

Active stretching best way to make...

SPOKANE, Wash. - If you're feeling pain in your legs following Hoopfest or Ironman, Tommy Boyer-Kendrick, the Rockwood Director of Sports Performance, recommends "active stretching," over "static stretching."

While traditional floor stretches are moderately helpful, there's much better ways to rid your body of soreness.

"Doing something for recovery is key," described Boyer-Kendrick. "But active movement recovery we've found is so much more productive. Actually going for a brisk walk this evening might be more productive than sitting on the floor and stretching. Our muscles were meant to move through a big full range of motion, so an active dynamic cool down or stretch might be more beneficial."

While it might be tempting to order takeout after hard physical work, Boyer-Kendrick advises against comfort food.

"Nutrition is probably about 75-80% of recovery, more than the physical active work is the hydration, nutrition, the macro nutrients, the fiber chemicals, the anti-oxidants, the electrolytes. Key stuff deep inside that's going to heat up the body."

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